the ten commandments of UX

UX is a thread that runs through all of our disciplines, and which no discipline owns or controls. Everyone is a UX professional to one level or another (“t-shaped people”). [ session description ] Presenter(s) Raina Van Cleave @rainaterror Nick Finck @nickf Date 13 March 2010 Tag(s) #10commandmentsofux #uxsxsw Books Rosenfeld Media: discount code NICKFINCK […]

wave and communication’s (r)evolution: better than being there?

The future of communication: one future is true real-time interaction. Being in the same room is usually touted as the richest, most effective way to “get stuff done”. This is untrue. In a face-to-face discussion, you have to wait for the other person to finish talking before you start interacting. Being in the same room […]

web content management systems from a designer’s perspective

CMS brings content centralization, rich functionality, and easily puts management into a client’s hands. Most CMS’s out there have large designer/developer communities (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Expression Engine). Presenter(s) Scott Fegette Chris Charlton Date 13 March 2010 Tag(s) #contentmgmtdesign

jacks of all trades or masters of one?

There are three foci of web professionals: Technology, Design, and Business. Some folks focus on one exclusively (specialists), others integrate two or more foci into their work (generalists). “T-shaped” people have a broad set of general skills and knowledge with a deep skillset in one or two specific areas. [session description] Presenter(s) Brian Talbot M […]

content strategy: what’s in it for you?

Content is the reason why people use the web. Content strategy involves planning for the creation, aggregation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable, and appropriate content in an experience. [session description] [slides] Presenter Margot Bloomstein @mbloomstein Date 12 March 2010 Article alistapart (the case for content strategy) Tag(s) #contentstrategy #cswiify

universal by design

This ain’t your mom’s accessibility panel. This is how universal design benefits everyone, not just those with disabilities. Universal design is “design that is so thoughtful that it works for everyone from the start instead of needing to be ‘patched’ for the disabled.” The idea is to make a more enabled future for everyone, not […]