web framework battle royale

Web frameworks make building websites easier. Common tasks are abstracted for faster development. Here is an analysis of five different frameworks: Zope (Python), Rails (Ruby), Sinatra (Ruby), Seaside (Smalltalk), and Symfony (PHP).

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13 March 2010

This was a fast-paced session, so I’m just going to summarize the frameworks discussed with links so I can research more at a later date.

  • Symfony has tutorials to get you going. Can be installed with PEAR. Free books.
  • seaside is a very different kind of language. Squeak/Smalltalk
  • Sinatra is a ruby-based framework require Sinatra, read the readme.
  • rails is a ruby-based framework. it has the little red book, fast to get up and going.
  • zope is a framework for frameworks, hard to decide which framework to go with. poor documentation is improving.