Baking in the SEO

Slow pages have poor SEO ratings. There are plugins that can improve site performance, and your choice of hosting provider can have the greatest impact on the speed of your site.

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Baking in the SEO
Sean Morrison

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Autoptimize Pairs well with WP Super Cache.
Far Future Expiry Headers Minimizes the number of HTTP requests, etc. Can also enable gzip compression to precompress files to be stored and uncompressed by the local browser to improve transport speeds..
Remove Query Strings from Static Resources Any time there’s a query string, it often prevents a proxy server from caching.
WP Smush Strips unnecessary metadata from images to shrink the file size (5-10% per image). Back up your site before enabling!
Kraken Image Optimizer Alternate image optimizer (includes lossless vs. intelligent lossy mode). Monthly paid service.
BJ Lazy Load Doesn’t load resources until the user scrolls to that part of the page.
W3 Total Cache On server file caching and minification.
WP Super Cache Alternate server file caching plugin.

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