content strategy FTW

[ I usually don’t copy/paste from the brochure, but this one had the best hook that I couldn’t write better myself. ] 11th hour copy. Fix-it-later launches. Our users deserve more than the last-minute content we often get stuck with. And you have the power to change the game. Learn how to introduce (and sell) …

the right way to wireframe

In the UX field: no one shows their work! So Todd and Russ are here to show us everything they do when they build a design project. Has anyone seen a wireframe from Jesse James Garrett, Peter Morville, or Jared Spool? If you are arguing about the differences between wireframes and prototypes or the best …

web content management systems from a designer’s perspective

CMS brings content centralization, rich functionality, and easily puts management into a client’s hands. Most CMS’s out there have large designer/developer communities (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Expression Engine). Presenter(s) Scott Fegette Chris Charlton Date 13 March 2010 Tag(s) #contentmgmtdesign

content strategy: what’s in it for you?

Content is the reason why people use the web. Content strategy involves planning for the creation, aggregation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable, and appropriate content in an experience. [session description] [slides] Presenter Margot Bloomstein @mbloomstein Date 12 March 2010 Article alistapart (the case for content strategy) Tag(s) #contentstrategy #cswiify