javascript architecture: the front and back of it

UI Architecture: all the stuff that it takes to process, package, deliver, and communicate with the client (templating url routing, data validatiion, formatting, ajax). “Between the front and back end”: stuff between presentational javascript and the backend logic. The middle end gives a web 2.0 app performance. We need to talk about this because of […]

the ten commandments of UX

UX is a thread that runs through all of our disciplines, and which no discipline owns or controls. Everyone is a UX professional to one level or another (“t-shaped people”). [ session description ] Presenter(s) Raina Van Cleave @rainaterror Nick Finck @nickf Date 13 March 2010 Tag(s) #10commandmentsofux #uxsxsw Books Rosenfeld Media: discount code NICKFINCK […]

wave and communication’s (r)evolution: better than being there?

The future of communication: one future is true real-time interaction. Being in the same room is usually touted as the richest, most effective way to “get stuff done”. This is untrue. In a face-to-face discussion, you have to wait for the other person to finish talking before you start interacting. Being in the same room […]

web content management systems from a designer’s perspective

CMS brings content centralization, rich functionality, and easily puts management into a client’s hands. Most CMS’s out there have large designer/developer communities (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Expression Engine). Presenter(s) Scott Fegette Chris Charlton Date 13 March 2010 Tag(s) #contentmgmtdesign

jacks of all trades or masters of one?

There are three foci of web professionals: Technology, Design, and Business. Some folks focus on one exclusively (specialists), others integrate two or more foci into their work (generalists). “T-shaped” people have a broad set of general skills and knowledge with a deep skillset in one or two specific areas. [session description] Presenter(s) Brian Talbot M […]