blog to book

Lots of books get inspired by blogs. Why is a book a good thing for you (other than being a life-goal)? Are there methods of publishing outside the major publishers, or how do you work inside that system? What kind of information is book appropriate?

The bottom line: Find something to say. Write good stuff. Get known. Be proud of your work. Be creative in your own marketing.

Pam Slim
Kate Lee
Stephanie Klein
Guy Kawasaki
Hugh MacLeod
Tuesday, March 17

Most people do not get rich from books, but there is a sense of legitimization of your personal site/passion. A book is a great entry into transmedia. You have to be ready to be able to do anything to make the book sell (talks, videos, websites).

“Make the kind of happy that no one can take away.”

Blogs do not have a flow like a book, so while you can start with the content of your blog as talking points, there is a lot of work involved in creating a book. Craft a book out of your blog writing. Just like there are differences and advantages to the web medium (where the print medium cannot go!), the same is true for the print medium.

Blogs build relationships with other bloggers/authors. These are key.

Agents and Publishers

Context helps when meeting an agent–who are the kinds of writers who share your potential audience? But it can be more important who knows about you. Reach out to people you genuinely admire. Get known. But once you’re there, you have to be ready to sell the idea. Write a good query letter (talk in marketing speak and write in your own voice at the same time) that represents you and your work. Two types of writing opportunities: the great Voice, or the fantastic Idea.

Share genuine relationships that you have built. Demonstrate the way you are connecting with other writers and your audience.

These are notes from a session at sxsw interactive. My own take on topics are mixed in with what the presenters were actually saying, so do not assume all of this content is my own.