programming and minimalism — lesson from orwell and the clash

[SXSW Bio] @jondahl Brief Programming is writing. A programmer’s job is to express abstract ideas in a specific language – just like the poet, the essayist, and the composer. But while writers and composers spend years improving their style, many programmers think style stops with “two-space indentation”. This needs to change. This presentation will discuss […]

interactive infographics

Infographics try to convey large, complicated ideas in an extremely accessible, readable, and playful way. It’s data visualization in its most effective? accessible? controllable? dynamic? form. [ session description ] Presenter(s) (lots) Date 16 March 2010 Tags #interinfo Sites Livefyre Conversation Flowing Data GOOD Hans Rosling Eye Candy

web video thunderdome: branded vs. unbranded – you decide

Traditionally, tv events like superbowl allowed brands to reach a huge audience. Then came YouTube (141 million: number of people watching web videos in Feb 2010). Brands tended to start out thinking that Internet video was like a big movie theater that people will watch. Then moved into the area of “viral video”. But it’s […]

make me a damn good manager!

Happy people do better things. It’s easier to be a bad manager, harder to be a manager that has a happy team that will “go to war for you”. When you are managing teams, your job is to make people successful. [ session description ] Presenter(s) Andre Gaulin Date 15 March 2010 Tag(s) #damngoodmanager Site […]

results-only work environment

This panel is packed. Could people really want a new way to work? And they gave us their book just for attending. That convinces me they believe themselves when they say “this is a social movement”. Transition from attendance-based to results-based compensation This is a culture change. Give people autonomy to do your job as […]

javascript architecture: the front and back of it

UI Architecture: all the stuff that it takes to process, package, deliver, and communicate with the client (templating url routing, data validatiion, formatting, ajax). “Between the front and back end”: stuff between presentational javascript and the backend logic. The middle end gives a web 2.0 app performance. We need to talk about this because of […]