your design process is killing you

There are markers and paper being distributed, butcher paper being put up on the wall. Get ready to touch and feel, people.

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Sara Summers
14 March 2010

Dr. Stuart Brown – Institute of Play. A strict no play no friend upbringing removes the ability to have empathy, trust, health, joy and mastery. Instead it brings depression, rigidity, disassociation. Play prepares us for the unknowns in a changing world. It helps us to adapt quickly. It’s intuitive. Play helps us to master something new while driving novelty and newness.

Tina Seelig – Standford Technology Ventures Program.

Exercise: What’s the best business idea you can think of? Worst start-up idea?

Robert Epstein’s Shifting. Period of individual ideation, followed by group building and generation produces significant improvements in ideas. People react to draft ideas with more passion than coming up with an idea as a group where it is more about challenging and shooting down an idea.

Kaycie Kinzer. Tweenbots. People want to help each other if nothing else gets in the way.

Antonio Damasio. Gambling test. Emotions play a critical role in social cognition and decision making. To create rational design, you must feel.

Nancy Marguiles, Mapping Inner Space.