i don’t care what you think about the entire body of work, any one who can put on a momma dress and grey wig and imitate patti labelle is OK in my book. also, i think my hair has looked exactly like that in the mornings. i know my dreams really DoOoOoooOoOooOooOooOooOOOoo come true. of […]

universal by design

This ain’t your mom’s accessibility panel. This is how universal design benefits everyone, not just those with disabilities. Universal design is “design that is so thoughtful that it works for everyone from the start instead of needing to be ‘patched’ for the disabled.” The idea is to make a more enabled future for everyone, not […]

developing super senses: tools to know your users

holy crap, it’s andy budd. holy crap, it’s mark trammell. usability testing and user research should be at the beginning, middle, and end of of a project. regularly scheduled user research sessions can start interweaving user research into the entire process. Presenters Mark Trammell (Digg) Juliette Melton (User Experience Mgr, Lumos Labs) Nate Bolt (Bolt|Peters) […]