5 steps to bulletproof UX strategy

[ SXSW Bios ] #rhjr_ux5 @rhjr Experience Strategy Company realizes they have a bad product or service. Where are our pain points? Or are we at a point of stagnation? “The dip”. What are current usage patterns? Case: Entry: search engine, Landing: content page, Exit: high bounce rate. Companies usually approach this in reverse order, […]

thunder in the clouds

[ SXSW Bios ] #cloud @jsoltero — vmware dude! @cote @petercoffee Brief After many years there now appears to be agreement from traditional software vendors to web-based companies that we are now shifting from the desktop to the cloud. Is there truly harmony in the industry or are there still disagreements over how the cloud is […]

metrics–driven design

[ SXSW Bios ] @bokardo @performable Brief For every design change you make affecting your user’s experience, do you know if you’re having a positive or negative impact? Are you adding to your organization’s bottom line or eroding it? Are you sure? Or, are you like most design teams who release work through a ramshackle […]

HTML5? the web is dead, baby!

[ SXSW Bios ] #webdead @waxpraxis @emilylewis @eklimcz @rickbarraza @tommylee Brief Wired declared Web 3.0 the age of apps and that the Web was dead and the future is native apps. Insight or naiveté? We’ll discuss the current merits of HTML5, and which companies and technologies will accelerate its adoption among mainstream consumers and create […]

dork intervention — bringing design to agile

[ SXSW Bios ] #agileisbroken @karlnieb @krismet @agileisbroken Brief Agile is broken. How can designers help deliver products that users will love while grappling with the constraints of agile in corporations? With large companies rapidly adopting agile methods, it is crucial that these teams include designers to create great products. But the agile framework available […]

one codebase, endless possibilities — real HTML5 hacking

[ SXSW Bios ] #hack5 [ Presentation Files ] @joemccann Brief HTML5 is no question the “buzzword du jour” in tech nowadays, but looking past the vernacular cruft one will discover that the HTML5 technology STACK is actually an incredibly powerful & useful framework for apps well beyond the traditional web browser. Massive companies like […]

ordering disorder

[ SXSW Bios ] #odogrids @khoi Brief Everyone’s using grids, and grid tools and frameworks are everywhere. But do you truly understand the ins and outs of this powerful design principle, and how it’s changing along with new media and platforms? Chances are most digital designers have only a cursory knowledge of the grid’s concepts […]