drawing back the curtains on css implementation

[ SXSW Bios ] #sxcss @mollydotcom @fantasai @tabatkins @davidbaron @sgalineau Brief In this session, representatives from major browser vendors including Chrome, Microsoft, Opera and the W3C will pull back the curtain revealing some of the challenges with implementation and interoperability. The goal is to have designers and developers get a glimpse into how CSS has […]

it’s not my job — the ultimate content strategy smackdown

Panel [SXSW Bios] #notmyjob, #notmyjob2 @halvorson @james_mathewson @evany @nathanacurtis @lwelchman Brief OK. So let’s say your business has a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog (or lots of blogs), an email newsletter, some SEO stuff, and eighty bajillion landing pages you forgot about back when it was still funny to rick-roll someone. […]

programming and minimalism — lesson from orwell and the clash

[SXSW Bio] @jondahl Brief Programming is writing. A programmer’s job is to express abstract ideas in a specific language – just like the poet, the essayist, and the composer. But while writers and composers spend years improving their style, many programmers think style stops with “two-space indentation”. This needs to change. This presentation will discuss […]

Surprise Value

Lack of a content strategy usually leads to stale content, unnecessary, useless, or uninteresting content. No one has been charged with its planning, care and feeding early in the process (only its generation right before launch). Information is separated from redundancy and noise due to its inherent “surprise value”. Richard Dawkins discusses the economics of […]

interactive infographics

Infographics try to convey large, complicated ideas in an extremely accessible, readable, and playful way. It’s data visualization in its most effective? accessible? controllable? dynamic? form. [ session description ] Presenter(s) (lots) Date 16 March 2010 Tags #interinfo Sites Livefyre Conversation Flowing Data GOOD walkingpapers.org Hans Rosling Eye Candy

web video thunderdome: branded vs. unbranded – you decide

Traditionally, tv events like superbowl allowed brands to reach a huge audience. Then came YouTube (141 million: number of people watching web videos in Feb 2010). Brands tended to start out thinking that Internet video was like a big movie theater that people will watch. Then moved into the area of “viral video”. But it’s […]