behind the curtain — secrets of mobile application wizardry

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A jaw dropping 80% of iPhone and Android apps have hardly any active users. Tens of thousands of developers and hundreds of thousands of mobile applications have gotten it wrong. But mobile apps done right can provide unprecedented value to users and rapid transformations of businesses. Gilt Groupe, USAA Bank and Pandora can attribute much of their recent success to their mobile applications. The biggest barrier to success? More is absolutely less. As Mark Twain famously said, “It would have been shorter if I had more time.” With seemingly infinite options of features, ‘what’ and ‘how much’ is the hardest part of development. This presentation will provide a detailed unbridled view into the strategy and creative process of creating a compelling, successful mobile app by finding the right balance between business objectives content, design, functionality, and concept.

Mobile: This decade’s battleground

“Channel and connective tissue duality”. WTF. This was a lot of business speak. It was in the Business track; I can only blame myself. Tricked by the words “mobile” and “wizardry”.

This part was extremely useful. Apps should be (figure 1):

  • Efficient. Performance and minimal navigation paths, contextualized communication
  • Engaging. This is a relationship contact point
  • Experiential. Intuitive interface
  • Always On. Proactive and notification-driven
  • Opportunistic. Leverage the affordances of the device
  • Malleable. Should be sustainable over time with new messages/products

figure 1