HTML5? the web is dead, baby!

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Wired declared Web 3.0 the age of apps and that the Web was dead and the future is native apps. Insight or naiveté? We’ll discuss the current merits of HTML5, and which companies and technologies will accelerate its adoption among mainstream consumers and create new opportunities for developers. We’ll also discuss the impact this can have on current native application strategies for Windows, Windows Phone 7, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android by looking at the impressive work that is being done today with the Web and apps to deliver compelling consumer experiences. But we’ll also address the shortcomings and the reality of HTML and what Web and app designers and developers can and should be doing today. This session is sponsored by Microsoft.

app or browser? app for specific premium content. web for commodity? identified v. anonymous?

“semantic markup arsenal”

“rich Internet application” “intersection of design and technology”

are we looking for solutions that no longer need web tools? is the web the lowest common denominator/default? does html5 bridge the gap?

progressively enhance content starts with web (documents). if you are building interaction and not content go app?

html5 : more support for semantic machine readability. more elements to work with. content. not a technology stack.

object/seeking perspective v. action/task(environment) perspective.