make me a damn good manager!

Happy people do better things. It’s easier to be a bad manager, harder to be a manager that has a happy team that will “go to war for you”.

When you are managing teams, your job is to make people successful.

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Andre Gaulin
15 March 2010

What makes a good manager?

  • Helping people find the awesome in themselves.
  • Think of people as really skilled individuals instead of “resources”.
  • Remember what it was like to be a “doer”, and find a way to be connected all the time, and be brave enough to say ‘No’ to a client.
  • Delegate: Trust your team to get the results you’ve clearly defined for them and coach them through the process; delegation does not mean you remove yourself from the task.
  • It’s not about you.
  • Bridge the gap between clients and team members and advocate for your team (even if that means you’re not loved by everyone because you have to say ‘No’).
  • New hire: Focus on what a person wrote in their cover letter, get to the conversation of an interview as fast as possible. Always think about what impact this one individual could have on the dynamic of your team. Remember that you aren’t buying a product or service from an employee, you are dealing with individuals who must work together.
  • Set professional and personal goals so you are working with people who are becoming better people, not just better workers.