core conversation:how not to be evil (even by accident)

I apparently am evil enough to need this session. There is an intersection between what is ethical to do and what makes good business sense. Let’s find out! Free speech, civil liberties, and privacy online. There is a mismatch between intellectual property law and terms of online use. Presenters Danny O’Brien – EFF Eva Galperin […]

putting a ring on jared spool

jared spool Originally uploaded by seagreenme If you were there, you understand. If you weren’t there, feel free to add your own captions to this photo of jared spool and me. Jared is the founding principal of User Interface Engineering (UIE), and gives a damn good presentation. lessig, eat your heart out.

journey to the center of design

jared spool is my cruise director. It’s time to retire the dogma of user-centered design. Instead, we should focus on informed design and build a reward system based on informed measurements: vision, feedback, and culture (three core UX attributes). Presenter Jared freakin’ Spool, UIE Date Sunday, March 15 Sites UIE brain sparks putting a ring […]

try making yourself more interesting

Does this matter? If this product/site went away, would you care? Would your users care? Keep yourself interesting by experimenting without boundaries while planning your commitment. Presenters Brian Oberkirch, small good thing DL Byron, textura design Amit Gupta, photojojo Kristina Halvorson, Brain Traffic Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction / Adaptive Path Date Friday, March 13 Site […]