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WordPress is a Platform

Future milestones: Address media embeds. Improvements to full screen mode in the wysiwyg editor (“nothing else there writing experience”). “Make it great for authors.” Podcasting is too hard in WordPress. “There’s not that many podcasters in the world.” “We’re not very open to new features, but we are very open to new hooks.” “Scripting [programming] is the new literacy.” Better mobile apps. bbPress is being turned into a plugin. “WordPress is infinitely flexible … on purpose.”

Blogging is Dead?

12% of websites powered by WordPress. 290M unique visits / month (12 pages per unique). 1 new blog every 2 seconds. As people become more comfortable with publishing …

New tools

Tumblr is replacing Flickr (somewhat) for photos. It’s a great experience for photo review. Twitter has integrated the reading/writing experience (while you are consuming you are 1 click away from creating). Inspired to change their approach to mobile. As you become more serious about your publishing, the simplicity of Tumblr and Twitter may rub you the wrong way. Twitter ads are endemic to the platform (ads are tweets). On WordPress, it’s a separate thing from “the post”.


All the features of for users. The goal is 100% feature parity between /

Guided Transfer

Service to move users to somewhere else.

p2 theme

Automattic uses this for collaboration. Individuals, teams, projects. Replaced email. Builds a great repository for new team members. “How do you recreate the last 2 years of conversations?”