compass/sass/less: tips, tricks, and best practices

[ SXSW Bios ] #sxsw #compass (Archive) Brief Sass & Compass are quickly becoming a standard for authoring and maintaining the styles (CSS) of many of popular websites. A derivative of these languages may someday replace CSS as the default language for styling html. As with using any new technology, a full understanding of how …

mad css3 skillz

In this one hour tutorial workshop, you will become skilled in CSS3 selectors, transforms, transitions and animations. We will work through an animation examples, creating different paths, timing and effects, exploring linear gradients opacity, alpha transparency, border-radius, text-shadows, transforms, transitions and mostly animations. The code example will be provided participants can play with the code, going from novice to skilled without heavy note taking.

get the look–use @font-face and CSS3 like the stars

A design system is anything that turns an idea into a form (a specific embodiment). Design systems can be channel-based (print design system, web design system, mobile design system, etc.)—different in the details but still sourced from the same idea.

Unfortunately, we tend to go from an original form to a new form without a new design system tied back to a core idea. Don’t imitate forms: translate ideas.

drawing back the curtains on css implementation

[ SXSW Bios ] #sxcss @mollydotcom @fantasai @tabatkins @davidbaron @sgalineau Brief In this session, representatives from major browser vendors including Chrome, Microsoft, Opera and the W3C will pull back the curtain revealing some of the challenges with implementation and interoperability. The goal is to have designers and developers get a glimpse into how CSS has …

tables don't kill people, they just kill accessibility.

At least, tables (can) kill accessibility in web portals. Accessibility in a portal has always been a challenge. It has to do (initially) with boxes. Many early portals used quite hideous tables to layout the screen. Hey, a portal is a set of boxes, right? Oracle Portal still enforces a level of table-as-layout. Tables aren’t …