rude awakening—content strategy is super hard

“Content strategy is just content planning or common sense.” Content strategy quickly begins to touch on organizational change. It’s easy to say we should be doing these things, but actually making them happen in an enterprise organization is a different story altogether. Content strategy integrates multiple disciplines, which means you should plan but also immediately start doing. “Everyone wants a seat at the strategy table.”

it’s not my job — the ultimate content strategy smackdown

Panel [SXSW Bios] #notmyjob, #notmyjob2 @halvorson @james_mathewson @evany @nathanacurtis @lwelchman Brief OK. So let’s say your business has a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog (or lots of blogs), an email newsletter, some SEO stuff, and eighty bajillion landing pages you forgot about back when it was still funny to rick-roll someone. […]

Surprise Value

Lack of a content strategy usually leads to stale content, unnecessary, useless, or uninteresting content. No one has been charged with its planning, care and feeding early in the process (only its generation right before launch). Information is separated from redundancy and noise due to its inherent “surprise value”. Richard Dawkins discusses the economics of […]