try making yourself more interesting

Does this matter? If this product/site went away, would you care? Would your users care? Keep yourself interesting by experimenting without boundaries while planning your commitment.

Brian Oberkirch, small good thing
DL Byron, textura design
Amit Gupta, photojojo
Kristina Halvorson, Brain Traffic
Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction / Adaptive Path
Friday, March 13

How do you do interesting work?

  • Find some people who care as much about their work as you want to care about your work. Get to know their work (“apprentice yourself to great work”) and get inspired.
  • Side projects deserve time (“front and center”).
  • Base your growth on doing the small things right that have huge benefits (“the delicious details”).
  • Dedicate yourself to a long-term time horizon (“go long”).
  • Generate more value than you consume (“share”).

DL Byron

Aggregating the cool stuff you are doing into one place (read: feeds) can help keep momentum going.

Lane Becker

Started out with solid core principles: people want to connect to other people in the context of shared ownership/interaction with objects/products. Teach people how to build crowd-sourced relationships with customers. “Redefine the situation.” Get the community to work for others in the community.

Kristina Halvorson

People have great ideas. They want to take their connections to a product or service, and make something out of it. However, getting the content out there in the content space isn’t enough. You need a content strategy to sustain your content across the horizon. Plan before you create, prepare yourself to govern after you publish (“the care and feeding of your epic shit”). [Plan, Create, Publish, Govern] What happens next? What should you think about?

  • The goods – know what you are talking about, and believe in your offering
  • New goals – keep finding new ways to inspire yourself once you’ve met your previous goals
  • Self knowledge – what are your known limits, who are your known resources, and how can you prevent those things from obscuring your own potential?
  • Courage – stay focused on why you started this, on what you love, know, and how you plan to grow

Amit Gupta

Experiment. Don’t wait to do something until you know that it will succeed. See what works and run with success. Successes will turn into something.

These are notes from a session at sxsw interactive. My own take on topics are mixed in with what the presenters were actually saying, so do not assume all of this content is my own.