rude awakening—content strategy is super hard

“Content strategy is just content planning or common sense.” Content strategy quickly begins to touch on organizational change. It’s easy to say we should be doing these things, but actually making them happen in an enterprise organization is a different story altogether. Content strategy integrates multiple disciplines, which means you should plan but also immediately start doing. “Everyone wants a seat at the strategy table.”

applying behavior design

Matching academic thinking on behavior and motivation with practical web projects. Where in my product/service do I effect behavior change? Where am I persuading users to change their behavior or motivating the user to use my product in a particular way? How do I balance customer/user value with business value (both implicitly and explicitly) and how transparent am I being about my techniques and constraints?

“We should look at what kind of impact people’s behavior should have on our designs.”

faster design decisions with style tiles

We need a better design artifact than the comp / mockup (because iterating against a mockup is too much work). How can you develop buy-in for design decisions early and carry that support to the end of a project? How can you maintain client trust throughout the process and end up with few-to-no changes at the end (when you have implemented an interface)?

lean UX — getting out of the deliverables business

[ SXSW Bios ] #leanux @jboogie Brief Traditionally User Experience Design has been a deliverables practice. Wireframes, sitemaps, flow diagrams, content inventories, taxonomies and “The Spec” defined the practice of UX Designers (IxD, UX Design, whatever, etc). While this work has helped define what UX Designers do and the value our work brings to the …

anatomy of a design decision

[ SXSW Bios ] @jmspool @uie Brief What separates a good design from a bad design are the decisions that the designer made. Jared will explore the five styles of design decisions, showing you when gut instinct produces the right results and when designers need to look to more user-focused research. You’ll see how informed …

5 steps to bulletproof UX strategy

[ SXSW Bios ] #rhjr_ux5 @rhjr Experience Strategy Company realizes they have a bad product or service. Where are our pain points? Or are we at a point of stagnation? “The dip”. What are current usage patterns? Case: Entry: search engine, Landing: content page, Exit: high bounce rate. Companies usually approach this in reverse order, …

thunder in the clouds

[ SXSW Bios ] #cloud @jsoltero — vmware dude! @cote @petercoffee Brief After many years there now appears to be agreement from traditional software vendors to web-based companies that we are now shifting from the desktop to the cloud. Is there truly harmony in the industry or are there still disagreements over how the cloud is …