wordpress inside out

Shan Pesaru (wcfay, session, @sharphue, slides, all presentations) When clients want a more robust website, rather than just a blog, the sidebar has got to go, and navigation must go where people expect. Page Templates let you take your base layout options and play. Taking a design into WordPress can be sped up by using […]

going mobile with wordpress (a survey)

Shelley Keith (wcfay, session, @sk140, slides, all presentations) Shelley evaluated the breadth of WordPress plugins, themes, and services related to mobile. Shelley decided she needed to provide a mobile app as well as a responsive html5 theme that played well on small screens. Went with ShoutEm; lets her redeploy content as a responsive html5 that […]

refresh central arkansas: WordPress

I did a talk at a refresh central arkansas meeting back in May 2009. It’s about WordPress. I’m sure you’re surprised. Jump to about 16:40 in the clip for the beginning with my highly inappropriate first slide. You can watch the slideshow after the jump too. EDIT: Just found out that the second half of […]