try making yourself more interesting

Does this matter? If this product/site went away, would you care? Would your users care? Keep yourself interesting by experimenting without boundaries while planning your commitment. Presenters Brian Oberkirch, small good thing DL Byron, textura design Amit Gupta, photojojo Kristina Halvorson, Brain Traffic Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction / Adaptive Path Date Friday, March 13 Site […]

everything you know about web design is wrong

When you should get design involved? At the beginning along with everything else. You can’t compartmentalize anymore (marketing, business, design, tech; design: interaction, information, visual, info architecture). You can teach in compartments, but you can’t work in compartments. Education has to start out compartmentalized but with a goal to aggregate (inter-disciplinary capstone projects planned from […]

i feel mature.

this is my third sxsw. i’m a veteran. i’ve tried thinking about what i am here to do. yes, it’s always been a place where i refresh my professional side. i learn all the things that i should be focusing on for the next year. that’s still going to happen. but this year seems different. […]