IMG_0401-1024x768Born and bred in central Arkansas, I am part of the Systems team in Information Technology Services at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

My passion is back-end web development, especially when I can work with a diverse team of designers, interface developers, content strategists, and usability specialists. I developed a tiered university WordPress theme from scratch (implementing university visual design and content requirements). I added custom features to the back-end administration as well as developing stand-alone plugins (with features such as data collection, LDAP authentication, and page/post-level widget control).

I have a comprehensive and active history in systems administration. I led the technical implementation of a growing WordPress network of web sites (300+), building the entire architecture from the Linux server base running on VMware to Apache httpd, MySQL, and application delivery (caching, SSL offloading, HTTP security) as an administrator for F5’s BIG-IP local traffic manager. I applied my passion for development and become a very high-performing generalist. I am able to develop with an eye for stability, automation, and performance, and I am able to design a system architecture with an eye for growth and productivity. I am a champion for source control and team development processes.

I am also in the graduate professional and technical writing program at UALR. I chose the PTW program because UALR’s Rhetoric and Writing department approaches writing as a study of human knowledge, culture, and communication. This fits perfectly with my previous education in information science, and when looking for a graduate program I immediately recognized the research potential. The kind of technology we create is often directly related to the way we think about thinking. If we don’t continue to study and prepare ourselves to be accomplished information seekers/analysts as the size, scope, and utility of technology increases, our future generations may be at an extreme disadvantage for the first time since the invention of the integrated circuit.

When I experience something interesting, I write about it here.